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The world is moving more online every day. Make sure your business does not fall behind. A few reasons why an updated website is very important:

My Recent Work.

I’ve previously worked with The Meadow before, but their Movement Studio, Connect, needed an even larger online web presence. The new website for The Meadow Connect lists schedules, teachers, and the ability for clients to book classes online.

Both me as well as the client were super thrilled at how this build turned out, and love the unique and colorful result.

The Bookery is a local used and rare bookstore located in historic downtown Placerville.

I designed and developed their new website with an e-commerce shop so they can sell some of their featured books conveniently. This project was amazing to bring to life and I cannot wait to see their business grow online.

The overall objective of the G & O Body Shop was to keep the website simple and make the phone number very clear. I put the phone number as a button the top navigation, and made the buttons super clear and easy to follow. The result of this build was beautiful, and it was a pleasure working with G & O.

The goal for the Studio 81 website was to make the design creative, yet easy to use and navigate. As a result, the top navigation stands very clear and elevated throughout the whole site. In addition, I made the online ticketing a priority by adding information about the production, and making a clear space for the audience to buy tickets.


When developing projects for clients and growing their business online, I always follow specific steps. In this way, all projects are organized and ensures that our clients are getting the best result out of their project.

Here is a general overview of how a project works with Sylvan Web Design.


In the first part of the project, I’ll start off by asking lot questions about your project and what it is you’re looking for. In this way, I can make sure every detail is dialed in and I can deliver a project that both parties are happy in.



Once the client is happy with the overall design, I’ll begin developing the approved design inside of WordPress.

From that point, I’ll send the client a staging link so they can access the website at any time, without it affecting their existing website. This makes it very simple for clients to give feedback and assures them they’re getting the most out of their project.


After getting a good understanding of the project objective, I begin designing the first portion of the website.

When it is a very big project, I start off by wireframing the overall layout of the website. This is the process where I’ll design in black and white without any colors. Once the client agrees and take care of any tweaks they request, I’ll bring the project to life by adding colors and details.


After development of the website, we will look at all the details and make sure that your new website is perfect. Once we’re ready, we’ll launch and migrate to your existing domain, with little to no downtime!

Sylvan communicates with skills that seemingly come from beyond his years of experience. He is always quick to respond, on point, and articulate beyond his years ... not to mention his design work is top-notch. He delivered exactly what I was looking for at a great price point. Collaborating with him on my website could not have been easier.

Mike Rowell
Real-time Stenographer

Working with Sylvan was an exceptional experience for me. Not only was Sylvan communicative and helpful, but he continually demonstrated creativity and innovation. From discussing aesthetics and logos, to generating user experience, and managing the technical aspects of a website, Sylvan was always helpful and exceedingly patient as a website developer working with someone (me) who is not very tech-savvy. I would absolutely work with Sylvan again as the end result was brilliant and beautiful.

Carissa Drummond
Mud Flower Yoga

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