Get to know me

My story

I designed my first website over five years ago and have designed dozens of websites for small businesses around my hometown Placerville, California. In my spare time, I enjoy film and video editing, getting outside, fixing or tinkering with electrical equipment, and spending time with friends and family.

Love for Design

I have always loved designing and have gotten a deeper sense of it since both of my parents are artists. I would spend time examining websites, designing websites for friends, and even re-create existing websites to learn improve my skills and learn more.

Using WordPress

I had heard of WordPress before, but I ignored it and still built sites in Dreamweaver. Then, I noticed more and more websites had been switching to WordPress. I decided to try it out to get more skills and realized that it was a much better way to grow businesses online.
My Services

What I Design

Web Design and Development

If you really want to elevate your business online, your website needs to be firing on all cylinders. I can take care of every aspect of your online presence from designing, developing, to registering your domain.

E-commerce & Online Stores

Today, most businesses are offering an online store to their website for the convenience of customers. I take care of all the hassle developing your online store, making it extremely easy for clients to update and manage their online store.

Graphic and Logo Design

Creating a strong and consistent brand is important today to gain credibility from from your audience. I offer complete branding projects from logos to business cards to ensure your business has a consistent branding strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions


I often get asked similar questions when clients first want to start a web project. To narrow it down, I’ve built this FAQ section.

I’ve designed dozens of websites and I’m very happy to make the process easy and simple. If you’re interested in working with me, your first step is to contact me.

There are a lot of pricing variables when it comes to building a website. My basic business websites begin around $500 and go from there. This will depend on your specific needs and the functionality of your website.

Unless you subscribe to my website maintenance, I don’t own any part of the website. Since I use the latest software it’s very easy to edit the text, images and other content on the pages. You can almost change everything if you want to.

Usually, a basic website takes approximately one month. Depending on the functionality of your website, this will obviously vary. Most of the time it will take longer as we go through multiple revisions to build the perfect website.