Frequently Asked Questions

Starting a new web project can be overwhelming. We’re here to make the process simple and answer any questions you may have about starting a new web build.

We’ve been been building websites for over five years. At this point, we’ve learned what it takes to develop a fantastic project from start to finish. Our strategy is to work very closely with our clients, offering clear and consistent communication to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

We’ve compiled a list of common questions we get from customers, and from people who are curious about getting started.

Sure can! We offer a simple Maintenance Package at $130/year for software and security updates, backups, SEO, and content management. 

There are a lot of pricing variables when it comes to building a website. Our basic business websites begin around the $500 mark and go from there. This will depend on your specific needs and the functionality of your website.

Unless you subscribe to my website maintenance, I don’t own any part of the website. Since I use the latest software it’s very easy to edit the text, images and other content on the pages. You can almost change everything if you want to.

We’ve designed dozens of websites and we’re very happy to make the process easy and simple. If you’re interested in working with Sylvan, your first step is to contact us.

Usually, a basic website takes approximately one month. Depending on the functionality of your website, this will obviously vary. Most of the time it will take longer as we go through multiple revisions to build the perfect website.

Sure can! We offer on-site photography as well as frequent management with Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Contact us today to see how we can help you manage your social media. 

We sure do! We can assist in custom WooCommerce website development. 

Absolutely. We ensure that all websites have the same functionality as desktop as well as a mobile-ready design optimized for smart phones and tablets.

Yes, we provide all our clients with training on how to update and manage your website. We use the latest software so its easy for clients to make changes to their website. 

Yes, we can! We also offer a design bundle if you’re interested in web design, logos, or business cards. 

Want to grow your business online?

If you are interested in working with us or just have a few questions, we’d love to hear about your project. Click below to get started.