El Dorado High School has never had an art website and they requested a clean website to link to every department in our VAPA program. Another huge goal was to redirect all users who are buying a yearbook since we can easily add yearbook announcements to the yearbook popup.
For years, EDHS has paid substantially high fees for a website that was difficult to update and not user friendly and was filled with ads. They had met with me and asked for a simple website that linked to schedules and a blogging platform for an announcement feed. The website also needed to show sports coaches and their contact info.
Jackson wanted a very simple website where he could show his pictures and contact info all in one site. I made this a one-page website to make it very straightforward and to get right to the point. He also wanted the ability to edit and manage the website himself as new projects and testimonials come in.
The El Dorado County Sports League has never before had a website for its middle schools. Steve Scott, commissioner, was looking for a brand-new simple and clean website that included Sports, Pictures, Coaches, School Info, Contact Info, and camps.
For many years, Studio 81 has struggled to find a person to update and maintain their website. Not only did Studio 81 request a website re-design, but they are also using my Website Maintenance plan to update their software, plugins, core files, and their content.