Barnes Photography

Photography Portfolio


The Client

Jackson Barnes is a Photographer in Placerville, California and his been taking photos and practicing film for several years. He recently stepped up his game and launched a new Instagram account and came to me for a new website.

The Challenge

Jackson wanted a very simple website where he could show his pictures and contact info all in one site. He also wanted the ability to edit and manage the website himself so he could add more photos to his gallery frequently and point his clients to this site.


The website turned as a beautiful one-page site, which was a huge satisfaction to both clients because originally it was going to be a busy five or six page website. I decided to condense everything down to one-page which looked extraordinary, especially for a Portfolio-type website. Jackson is very happy to showcase his work, and he’s especially happy to add more work to his website and have all of his Social Media platform linked onto one website.

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The owner (Zack), wanted a large online store for customers to buy prints from each artists they carry. This required multiple product categories, making the total product count on the website over a hundred.
In the past, EDHS paid high fees for a site that was difficult to update and filled with ads. They came across my websites and got in contact with me for a web build that linked to schedules, announcement feeds, and for parents/students to contact their coaches.