EDHS Cougars

Athletic Department


The Client

El Dorado High School is a local high school in Placerville, California. Serving a over 1,000 students, their Athletic Program is very popular as a large group of students will participate in athletics or attend athletic events throughout the school year.

The Challenge

In the past, EDHS paid high fees for a site that was difficult to update and filled with ads. They came across my websites and got in contact with me for a web build that linked to schedules, announcement feeds, and for parents/students to contact their coaches.


The result is a modern, easy to understand website with a very user-friendly experience. The Assistant Principal of El Dorado High specifically asked to make the website user-friendly for viewers to quickly see an upcoming event or contact a coach. The website was so much better and not only were me and the client happy with the outcome, but several staff members and students loved the new website as well. Before I had made the new athletic website, several students had jokingly asked me to redesign this website. I am very glad I had this opportunity and I look forward to seeing how well it does for a full year.

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