El Dorado CSL

County Sports Leaugue Athletics


The Client

The El Dorado County Sports League offers Flag Football, Cross County, Basketball, other sports throughout Middle Schools across the county.

The Challenge

The El Dorado County Sports League has never before had a website for its middle schools. Steve Scott, commissioner, was looking for a brand-new simple and clean website that included Sports, Pictures, Coaches, School Info, Contact Info, and camps.


I did a lot of research on school colors to match the color scheme with each school page. I also didn’t want the website to become large and cluttered, since websites like this tend to be crowded if it doesn’t get designed properly. Therefore, I made the Schools drop down a mega-menu so it was easy to read and check each link. After a few months, we launched this beautiful website for all the middle school sports in El Dorado County. Steve received lots of positive feedback about this new helpful resources and I am still highly proud of the outcome for this website.

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