Fitness Fortune blog

A fitness blog


The Client

I have created this project as a concept design where I can show my clients the possibilities I can do for them. This website wasn’t created with request, but with a vision and imagination. I hope you like this concept.

The Challenge

My goal was to show my potential clients that I can create more than just a website and how a personal blog can look. I took the most basic features out of a blog and recreated them with my own design.


The blog ended up with a big image header of a gym at the top of the menu on every page. This made the blog standout and showed what the blog was actually about. The sidebar also appears on every page to show personal information about the blogger as well as ads, sponsors, or other products.

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Jackson wanted a very simple website where he could show his pictures and contact info all in one site. He also wanted the ability to edit and manage the website himself so he could add more photos to his gallery frequently and point his clients to this site.
The owner (Zack), wanted a large online store for customers to buy prints from each artists they carry. This required multiple product categories, making the total product count on the website over a hundred.