The Bookery

Used & Rare Bookstore


The Client

The Bookery is a local bookstore with thousands of books lurking through labyrinth-like aisles. People have wandered into The Bookery to shop used books for almost forty years. Original owners, Nancy and Celia still run this unique bookstore with the help of Darin Coelho.

The Challenge

The Bookery had no website before so my goal was to make a design that would last a long time. Darin wanted a website that showcased the bookstore itself as well as an online store for rare and featured books to be posted.


The website ended up with five pages as well as a custom product page. I wanted the website to have very light colors so I made the color pallet consist of blue and grey colors. Then I went through dozens of fonts but found a headline and body font that went greatly together as if it were a real book. Darin and I are extremely happy with the final result, and I cannot wait to see all the used books that end up on the shop.

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