Web Design & Development

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Grow Your Business Online With A New Website.

Website Design Based in Placerville, CA

Sylvan Web Design specializes in custom-based websites that are beautifully designed, functional assets in your marketing, and easy for your customers to find the information they’re looking for.

Designed for YOUR Goals & Business

We ensure that your custom-built website is created to achieve your unique objectives and suits your business.

Looks Great on ALL Devices

These days (in most industries), the majority of website traffic for business websites mostly derives from mobile devices. Sylvan Web Design starts with a "mobile-first" approach to ensure that your website will look great wherever it's accessed—whether that's from a phone, tablet, or computer.

Custom Features & Add-ons

Your website can be much more than an informational, virtual brochure. Sylvan Web Design seeks your business goals, and can implement special features and integrations that are easier for you and your customers, such as: booking online, events calendar, contact forms, accessibility, third-party-embeds, and more.

Our Project Workflow & Process Always Ensures the Best Results.

When developing projects for clients and growing their business online, I always follow specific steps. In this way, all projects are organized and ensures that our clients are getting the best result out of their project.



In the first part of the project, I’ll start off with a discovery session about your project and what it is you’re looking for. In this way, I can make sure every detail is dialed in and I can deliver a project that both parties are happy in.



Next, I begin designing the first portion of the website by providing a mockup of the website’s design. Then, when the client is satisfied with the design, we’ll move onto the Development stage.



Once the client is happy with the overall design, I’ll begin developing the approved design inside of WordPress. From that point, I’ll send the client a staging link so they can access their new website at any time, without it affecting their existing website.


After development of the website, we will look at all the details and make sure that your new website is perfect. Once we’re ready, we’ll launch and migrate to your existing domain, with little to no downtime!